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Come home, taking a villager rich rise









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Ran of secretary of a Party or League branch of village of village of gong of article answer countryside is counterpoising (left) communicate method of vegetable Miao Peiyo with vegetable grower. Hard gold of soup beautiful jade is photographed
Wang Feng of director of village of yuan of guard length dam is old village (right one) clear together with the villager road surface. Hard gold of soup beautiful jade is photographed
Liu Jifa of secretary of a Party or League branch of village of village of oriole countryside oriole is examining paddy the way corp is growing. Hard gold of soup beautiful jade is photographed
Core is read
To advance deficient assault fortified positions with all one's strength, leave what do not go to support deficient work group, select of area of grand of Chongqing city fierce retires more than times 200 the soldier holds the position of village company cadre. They are mixed by right of interest of pliable but strong take on, guide local masses to take off deficient to become rich, exploration promotes basic level society to govern a level, make countryside produced welcome change.
Fence of black made of baked clay wood, between the hill of ornament of building of foot of seedling home condole of one flickering of primitive simplicity. Here is village of Wenfeng of countryside of the level ground after area of Chongqing fierce grand.
"Come, sit sit. " see the reporter comes, dai Molu moves accost of platelet stool enthusiasm. The fellow a suit with this dark cheek confuses colour, back is forceful, talking efficient.
Retire old hind, choose of Dai Molu classics, become vice secretary of Wen Fengcun Party branch, village appoint conference chairman. Guide in his below, farming room repair anew, civilian house changes civilian constellation, the village changes greatly appearance. "Without acting secretary, which come red village of our travel net? " the villager people not by deep feeling.
In Wu Long, such " confuse colour to take " still have a lot of. Liu Jifa of secretary of a Party or League branch of oriole village party answers a village to develop countryside to travel, taking villagers to walk up become rich road; Huang Huajie of secretary of a Party or League branch of party of white stone village establishs people mediation room, "Appeal for help village " more and more harmonious...
Dare take on, not slacken. Fierce grand area retires 201 times the soldier waits for post to go up in director of secretary of a Party or League branch of community secretary, village, village, stand fast first heart, glow is calorific.
"With this emulative interest, more and more villagers follow him to work "
"Crossing a street is a net red civilian constellation ' sky room ' " " toward east go, lane of seedling home song all along little not person... " Luo Yuan of Wen Fengcun villager walks along edge introduction by the side of hair, be full of happy between the way one speaks or what he says. Other people jokingly: "Laoluo can taste benefit nowadays. "Laoluo can taste benefit nowadays..
A few years ago, the farmhouse courtyard dam here is worm-eaten, cattle breeds sewage crosscurrent. "Is travel done in gully? Who can come? " when Dai Molu puts forward to develop the tentative plan of travel industry, poverty door Luo Yuan sends the first station to come out to object.
Face most " stubborn " Luo Yuan is sent, dai Molu insists to come to persuade, although touched one nose ash, never also abandon. "I am in, are not afraid of a trouble. Be cleared away clean, can drive peasant family in him home happy. " the work that takes dung dirty tired, dai Molu not throat ground helps move doing.
"Once had become arms, encounter difficulty to cannot abandon, cannot admit defeat more. " this is Dai Molu constant the word from exert oneself. After be being persuaded, luo Yuan hair loosened eventually mouth. Pass level off to transform, the place that Luo Jiayuan will come to to breed livestock became flower nursery, frame house, small eating house. Nowadays, the requisition taking off deficient that Luo Yuan sends has been put in the village appoint on the desk of the meeting. "With this emulative interest, more and more villagers follow him to work. " armed ministry of people of fierce grand division politics appoint Ma Hongwei says.
By 2018, armed ministry of people of fierce grand division arrives survey of each village agency, discovering cadre of company of more than 40 village is to retire soldier. Retire the soldier has interest of pliable but strong, emulative, the village that they are in also develops well. "Why not appeal more retiring does the soldier participate in basic level among construction? "Why not appeal more retiring does the soldier participate in basic level among construction??
Tu Xiaokui of minister of armed ministry of people of division of the grand that occupy fierce introduces, at the beginning of last year, fierce grand area appoint ministry of constituent ministry, area person fierce, retire bureau of military general affairs allotted jointly " in be being built about be being knitted in basic level leading Party group, sufficient play retires the announcement of military action " ; After a year, more and more retiring the soldier participates in basic level in construction.
"One person is wealthy, do not calculate rich, must take villagers one case rich "
"Liu Zong, a lot of villager remembers you, should answer the village to develop? " the one electrify word of Ren Rong of secretary of oriole countryside Party committee, let Liu Jifa change state of mind.
"Well construction employer is undeserved, does nest of the nest that answer end do what? " kin persuades him. But as retire soldier, that strong interest of in one's heart tell him: "One person is wealthy, do not calculate rich, must take villagers one case rich. Must take villagers one case rich..
Tall slope of hill of village of oriole countryside oriole is steep, fundamental difference, industry contradicts in weak, village much, be be worthy of the name " appeal for help village " . What how solve neighborhood villager is contradictory? How to breed wind of good native place? What to rely on to strengthen the cohesive affinity that basic level leading Party group knits?
Same question also is perplexing the Wu Huaping that takes off next military uniforms to return the village and Huang Huajie. The burner that Wu Huaping is in presses down a dream to develop pond village is gave a name " difficult canal " : Attend a meeting the person arrives not neat, shuffle of a secretary in charge of sth disputes over trifles. When yellow Hua Jiegang assumes office, the village should take off deficient, the villager people however important matter bagatelle makes a noise posse.
Identity swiftly transforms like that, difficult problem followings sb's heels and come, 3 people also ever confused. Fortunately ministry of fierce of person of fierce grand area combines a division appoint bureau of civil administration of constituent ministry, area, letter is visited do, help deficient up to do wait for a branch to be begun in time groom, impart processing experience, make a few retire the soldier had bottom energy of life.
Groom return, liu Jifa is visited from door to door, note the problem that masses reflects in small. Do not have a road, build a road; Do not have an industry, develop a property. Kind pear, raise crab, do rustic travel, liu Jifa did not make great efforts less. Village person knows, "The thing that if Liu Zhishu admits,allows only, did not work! Did not work!!
Receive " sweet potato of very hot hand " Wu Huaping also is done not have crestfallen, he is not afraid of tired, agree to bear hardships, will be answered back and forth run to adjoining town " go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures " . Gradually, the village became much " red black a list of names posted up " , had " appraise through comparison of person house environment " ... the change that the dream produced world-shaking to pond village.
Huang Huajie has a pile of thick jotter on desk, recording him to be the effort that promotional villager solidarity gives. Mix in him be stationed in a village of the first secretary drive below, "Let " people mediation room holds water formally, dissolve contradictory dispute successfully already many cases 50 up to now.
"Service masses, cannot be afraid of bear hardships, cannot be afraid of more be in an unfavorable situation "
2017, retire military Huang Chaolin resigns state-owend enterprise " iron rice bowl-a secure job " , village of sweet room of the home town that answer Zhao made village secretary of a Party or League branch. "Sell a house! " after a few months that answer a village, his decision, frightened family to jump.
Close relationship of the army and the people, it is the complex in Huang Chaolin heart all the time. When the room that sees 7 other peoples in the village are extremely dilapidated, he is resolved should help. The villager does not have money overhaul, huang Chaolin is located in oneself Chongqing advocate the house of the city zone sold. "Money borrows you, do not make receipt for a loan, do not pay interest, and reimbursement does not have deadline. And reimbursement does not have deadline..
Huang Chaolin's think of a way is very simple, become rich on the road, a poor masses cannot little. Village infrastructure is weak, he strives for project financing actively, long road, repair reservoir. Be short of become rich knack, he guides village collective to do again " one company is tasted " , raise a bee, raise a beef cattle, kind vegetable. Only between two years of a long time, industry of characteristic of sweet room village with respect to blossom everywhere, the villager people plaint, "This day is as sweet as honey. "This day is as sweet as honey..
Huang Chaolin always says, "Put on confuse colour to take, there is interest on the body! " with him, peng Xiaobing of 51 years old also stands fast in Feng Shan secretary of general Party branch of street ormosia community on this one post.
Ormosia community belongs to the old old residential area with more concentrated population, building of a lot of dwellers does not have property management. Epidemic situation is prevented during accusing, the Peng Xiaobing that just becomes operation of be over stone is bearing lumbago to insist to feel a platoon to visit, breakfast white steamed bread, lunch is convenient face, walk in vain everyday Cheng not less than 12 kilometers; Remove to make dangerous house dweller successful, without the small high level of elevator, peng Xiaobing climbed 200 for many times...
Foster in army " see a map " skill, also be gone to by Peng Xiaobing application in each job. He is self-restrained " epidemic situation is prevented accuse to fight graph " , block a dot individually, personnel configuration, tag as clear as dayly on the map. Next, community should undertake old old village is transformed, peng Xiaobing nailed the 2nd piece of map toward the wall, this, he or plan " wall map fights " .
"Service masses, cannot be afraid of bear hardships, cannot be afraid of more be in an unfavorable situation. " Peng Xiaobing says, 1985, put on a military uniform, protect the home to defend a country, battlefield is felt climb boil dozen, he never complains; 2020, leave military camp 30 Yu Zai, masses serves in ormosia community, he as before the heart does not change first.
Like Peng Xiaobing, although the military uniform that goes up personally had been taken off, but to Wu Long 201 retire for cadre of military village company, the military uniform in the heart is in all the time. (reporter Wang Bin comes Chang Biluo)
" People's Daily " (on July 28, 2020 the 11st edition)

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